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English to French Translation Services

Reach New Customers in 2022 with Expert French Translation Services

Looking to scale up your business in the French market? Is language the only thing holding you back? Great news! Now you can move forward with confidence with professional French translation services from Trust2do.

Most businesses invest in English to French translation when they decide to expand to new markets. They have good reason :

  • French is the official language of 29 countries, with a total of 338 Million potential clients.
  • Bloomberg reports that French is the second most useful language for business after Mandarin, with 27 countries having French as an official language.

We are a team of business and financial translators who are passionate about what we do. We translate documents and texts from English to French, and every text is either translated or proofread by a native speaker of the target language. Whenever possible, a native speaker of the source language is also involved in the process as either a translator or proof-reader.

Our Services

We provide French translation services on a wide range of topics for a number of industries. Our services include:

  • French Document Translation
  • French Proofreading
  • French Website Localization

Why Choose Trust2do’s French translation services

Of course, you could always use Google to translate your documents; but Google’s free translation services can be awkward and not recommended if you want to be taken seriously by your prospects. At Trust2do, you can trust our knowledge and expertise. Our team of experts have a combined experience of 19 years in the business. To date, we have translated more than 180,000 projects for nearly 10,000 customers. But that’s not all. We have:

  • Bicultural knowledge
  • Extensive editing experience
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast service

What Clients Say

Excellent high quality translation as usual. And fast. Instructions for usage of an online tool to assess the professionalism of farmers’ organizations. Highly recommended.

Pete S.

Next Steps

So if you are serious about expanding your business in the French market, don’t let language stand in the way. Get your quick quote Now or email us at: